Solène Tessier

Solène Tessier

UX-UI • Product Design Manager • Brand Designer

Remote user testing at Pagesjaunes


As it often happens in a team, everybody has an opinion on design. In that context, it can be difficult to choose between different strategies, concepts and ideas.

Designers are often at the end of that chain of opinions and it makes their work less efficient and more frustrating.

To smooth those pain points and multiply user feedbacks sources, we introduced a new tool in the team: a remote user testing platform, Testapic.

I’ve been managing that approach by:

    • Upgrading my skills & knowledge on user testing
    • Supporting UX and UI designers on their projects by proposing appropriate user tests, survey, etc.
    • Building the test’s strategy tailored to each need and writing the protocols
    • Analysing and interpreting the results (videos, data, verbatims)
    • Recommend courses of actions pertaining the test results
    • Counseling other teams in Solocal Group at large

I’ve launched some 70 tests by now of various types: videos on a live website / app or on interactive prototypes, survey on a live website / app or on interactive prototypes, behavioral survey, pick and choose questionnaire, Attrakdiff questionnaire, etc.

I’ve also created a reference document on remote user testing and trained all the designers on the team (in case I wouldn’t be available to support them).




Product design: a Solocal proprietary sales tool


Since March 2020, I had the opportunity to be seconded part-time in an another department, the Customer Success Department (within Solocal itself), to build a brand new proprietary sales tool to improve the efficiency and the comfort for the Solocal Sales Teams.

I had no access to the end users at the beginning of the project.

However, I was able to audit the tools currently in use and was fully briefed by marketing managers on the product lines.

I work in an Agile Feature Team with a Product Owner, an Architect and up to 5 Developers in an international setting.

During that time, I:

  • explored the previous tools and and quickly assessed them
  • analysed the stakeholders needs and the scope of the desired MVP
  • did some on-site user research by shadowing our telemarketers during 2 days
  • produced some personas
  • worked with tha achitect and PO to produce a consistent user journey by anticipating future features
  • iterated on a target vision through wireframes and interactive prototypes with the team
  • created a UI/UX kit enabling the developers to implement sur users stories without my input
  • defined the project UX principles to ensure consistency through time, roadmaps changes and added features (and an eventual change of designer)
  • created a adaptable and industrialized tool that can host and setup multiple product types



Target users

Travelling and office-based sales people


Product Design –


Ooreka is a content-based websites editor. Through finely targeted content, SEO careful grooming and an industrialized website framework, we were able to built 460 websites on 460 different subjects and an audience up to 20 millions UV / month.

Day to day, I would:

  • Collect business needs and input from CEO & marketing people to match it with user needs
  • Functional conception of all the features on the websites: (information architecture, user and feature workflows, specs, etc.)
  • Responsive design UX/UI: wireframes, prototypes, design system, etc.
  • User research: AB testing campaigns, lab usability tests, AT internet data analysis, etc.)
  • Close collaboration with the CTO to ensure the platform performance and the functional industrialization of the CMS and the websites
  • Brand management: visual identity, print ads, radio ads, presentation videos, etc.




Users Tests • Trouver une plante


One year after launching the very first version of the “Trouver une plante” (Find a plant) feature, we decided to iterate and improve it.

As a team, we weren’t able to converge on what was needed and what were the priorities. So I proposed and launched a users tests to audit the current feature.

The first test was a qualitative lab usability testing:

  • 8 female / male users between 25 and 50 years old
  • 45 min of moderated testing including pre and post-survey
  • Thinking Aloud method
  • Fully recorded tests sessions (screens & testers)

Following the tests, a feedback workshop allowed us to extract the highlights of each interview and sort them by main topics.


A second test was launched to get some behavioral and user needs insights by the way of a quantitative survey.

Finally, a detailed report on the test was delivered highlighting key focal points, pain points and recommandations on the functional and design decisions to be undertaken.

That work was the basis of the next phase:

  • adding criterias the multi-criteria search-engine
  • redesigning the results page including more photos
  • reorganizing the sections within the plant page




Debutant to advanced gardener