Solène Tessier

Solène Tessier

Product Design Manager • Head of Design

PagesJaunes Design System: a new methodology


Arriving at PagesJaunes, I audited the tools and methodologies currently in use within the team to collabore with each others and with the other teams: marketing, product owner, front-end developers, app developers, etc.

In short, Photoshop was used to design and emails were the only way to share the design and receive feedback. No process was really in use for an accurate delivery of the designs to the developers and ensure quality at the end.

App developers didn’t use any library within their code or theme in Android and iOS. Basically, each design element, each title, each button was entirely re-coded from scratch at each occurence.

So, to improve the workflow and the design consistency within the designer team and its collaborating teams, I initiated some changes:

    • Building a collaborative Design System: created, maintained and shared by all the member of UI designers
    • Switching from Photoshop to Sketch to improve the work pace and quality
    • Creation of shared Sketch libraries enabling every designer to share his/her’s work and use the work of his/her collaborators
    • Introducing Invision to the whole team to be able to collaborate with everybody in the team, showcasing the design and deliver precise and complete design to the front-end developers. Zeplin was chosen to deliver to the app developers.
    • Evangelization to the new process and method to the whole team
    • Advocating and collaborating with the app developers to implement the design system directly into the Android and iOS app’s code outside the official roadmap.

All those actions allow me to this day to be confident that the design will have a 360° consistency on all devices without any day-to-day supervision.