Solène Tessier

Solène Tessier

UX-UI • Product Design Manager • Brand Designer

Users Tests • Trouver une plante


One year after launching the very first version of the “Trouver une plante” (Find a plant) feature, we decided to iterate and improve it.

As a team, we weren’t able to converge on what was needed and what were the priorities. So I proposed and launched a users tests to audit the current feature.

The first test was a qualitative lab usability testing:

  • 8 female / male users between 25 and 50 years old
  • 45 min of moderated testing including pre and post-survey
  • Thinking Aloud method
  • Fully recorded tests sessions (screens & testers)

Following the tests, a feedback workshop allowed us to extract the highlights of each interview and sort them by main topics.


A second test was launched to get some behavioral and user needs insights by the way of a quantitative survey.

Finally, a detailed report on the test was delivered highlighting key focal points, pain points and recommandations on the functional and design decisions to be undertaken.

That work was the basis of the next phase:

  • adding criterias the multi-criteria search-engine
  • redesigning the results page including more photos
  • reorganizing the sections within the plant page




Debutant to advanced gardener