Solène Tessier

Solène Tessier

UX-UI • Product Design Manager • Brand Designer

Product design: a Solocal proprietary sales tool


Since March 2020, I had the opportunity to be seconded part-time in an another department, the Customer Success Department (within Solocal itself), to build a brand new proprietary sales tool to improve the efficiency and the comfort for the Solocal Sales Teams.

I had no access to the end users at the beginning of the project.

However, I was able to audit the tools currently in use and was fully briefed by marketing managers on the product lines.

I work in an Agile Feature Team with a Product Owner, an Architect and up to 5 Developers in an international setting.

During that time, I:

  • explored the previous tools and and quickly assessed them
  • analysed the stakeholders needs and the scope of the desired MVP
  • did some on-site user research by shadowing our telemarketers during 2 days
  • produced some personas
  • worked with tha achitect and PO to produce a consistent user journey by anticipating future features
  • iterated on a target vision through wireframes and interactive prototypes with the team
  • created a UI/UX kit enabling the developers to implement sur users stories without my input
  • defined the project UX principles to ensure consistency through time, roadmaps changes and added features (and an eventual change of designer)
  • created a adaptable and industrialized tool that can host and setup multiple product types



Target users

Travelling and office-based sales people